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Unlike carpet deodorisers that temporarily mask the dog or cat urine smell, our proprietary Pet Urine & Odour Removal Treatment removes the odour and urine for good.

Our Process


Pet urine affected areas are identified using a specialised UV light which illuminates any area that is affected.

Treatment/ Determination

Each affected area is examined to determine whether urine deposits are only present in the carpet fibre (Light soiling) or have reached the carpet backing and underlay (Heavy soiling).

Apply Cleaner/ Sanitiser

Lightly affected areas are treated with a bio enzyme
and deodoriser and steam cleaned. Heavily affected areas are saturated with the bio enzyme until it reaches
the carpet backing and underlay. Urine deposits are then flushed from the carpet and underlay using our high-tech water extraction tool. (See video on left).

Other Services

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