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Our reputation as the best tile and grout cleaning company in Melbourne is vital to us. This is why we’ve built a strong work culture centered around dependability, friendly customer service, and professional tile and grout cleaning. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. With our affordable grout and tile cleaning Melbourne services, you’ll struggle to find the same level of knowledge, quality, and value. Our cleaners ensure thorough cleaning of grout and tiles, enhancing their lifespan. Contact us for the best tile and grout cleaning services today!

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5 Star Reviews

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At Right Price Carpet Cleaning, we genuinely value the voices of our customers. Every review is a story of someone’s experience with us, shaping the expectations of future clients. We cherish transparency, learning from each feedback to improve and give you the best service at the right price. These reviews aren’t just comments; they’re a testament to our dedication to your satisfaction and our commitment to uphold the highest standards in the industry.

We use advanced tile and grout cleaning machines.

Our tile and grout cleaning machines are superior to conventional methods for a variety of reasons, including:


Truck-Mounts are more powerful, aiding better suction and heating.


Our tile and grout cleaning machines extract more water, ensuring faster drying times.


The higher heat from our machines breaks up dirt and grime in tiles and grout more effectively.


Our machines are quieter, providing a more pleasant cleaning experience.

Our Process


We examine the tiles and grout to determine their condition and type. This helps us decide which cleaning agents and methods will be most effective.


We rinse and extract the cleaning agents using high-pressure equipment that removes all residues and allergens, leaving the tiles and grout clean.

Apply Cleaning Agent

We use an eco-friendly product specifically designed for tile and grout. This helps to break down soil, grime, and any stains.

Final Inspection

We inspect the cleaned area to ensure it meets our high standards and that you are satisfied with the results.


For heavily soiled areas, we use specialised brushes to work in the cleaning product and lift dirt from the grout lines. This ensures deeper cleaning.


Tailored services based on client needs, schedules, and budgets.


Fixed quotes and competitive prices on all  cleaning cleaning services.

Fully Insured & Police Checked

Public liability insured up to 20 million.

Tile and grout cleaning

Keep your tiles and grout looking new with our professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne. Dirt and stains can build up over time, making regular cleaning ineffective. Our expert team uses advanced cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products to remove tough stains from all tile types, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. We provide customised cleaning plans to enhance your floors’ appearance and lifespan. Serving all of Melbourne, we offer top-quality services for homes and businesses. Contact us today for a free quote and see the difference our tile and grout cleaning services can make.

4 Reasons why you should clean your tiles and grout with us.


Restore the shine and beauty of your tiles

Over time, dirt, grime, and soap scum can build up on your tile, making it look dull and dingy. Our powerful yet gentle tile and grout cleaning process will remove these deep-seated impurities, revealing the original luster and beauty of your tiles.


Deep clean for a healthier home

Tile floors are often found in kitchens and bathrooms, areas prone to harboring bacteria and allergens. Our deep cleaning process goes beyond surface dirt, reaching deep into the grout to remove allergens, dust mites, and other microscopic particles that can contribute to respiratory issues. This creates a healthier and more hygienic environment for your family.


Eliminate grout grime and mold Growth

Grout, by nature, is porous and prone to trapping dirt and moisture. This can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can be unsightly and unhealthy. Our high-temperature cleaning methods effectively kill and remove mold spores, leaving your grout lines sparkling clean and free from harmful microorganisms.


Protect your investment and extend tile lifespan

Dirt and grime trapped in grout can wear down the material over time. Our professional cleaning removes these harmful particles, preventing them from causing damage to your tile and grout. This not only improves the aesthetics of your floors but also extends their lifespan, saving you money on replacements in the long run.

Revitalise your floors with our grout and tile cleaning process

Revitalise your floors with our professional tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne! Everyday wear and tear can’t withstand our high-powered equipment that removes dirt, grime, and stains for sparkling clean tiles and sanitised grout. We use safe solutions for all types of tiles, ensuring a healthy environment with our thorough tile and grout cleaning process. Experience the benefits – improved appearance, enhanced hygiene, and extended floor life. Contact us today and restore the beauty of your floors!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What services does Right Price Carpet Cleaning offer for tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne?
  • Right Price Cleaning offers comprehensive tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne, ensuring your tiles and grout are spotless and hygienic. Our professional tile and grout cleaning Melbourne service removes stains, grime, and dirt, leaving your floors in excellent condition. Whether you need tile grout cleaning or grout cleaning Melbourne, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.
How often should I get my tiles and grout cleaned?
  • It’s recommended to have your tiles and grout cleaned professionally at least once a year to maintain their appearance and longevity. Regular grout cleaning can prevent grime build-up and ensure your floors look their best. Right Price Cleaning offers flexible cleaning schedules to keep your tiles and grout in top condition throughout the year.
What is the process for professional tile cleaning?
  • Our professional tile and grout cleaning process involves thorough cleaning, scrubbing, and sealing to protect your tiles and grout. We use advanced cleaning equipment and eco-friendly solutions to remove stubborn stains and grime. Right Price Cleaning ensures that every tile and grout line is meticulously cleaned, providing outstanding results every time. Additionally, we offer services such as tile sealing and grout sealing to extend the life of your floors.
Can you remove tough stains from my floor tiles?
  • Absolutely! We specialize in removing tough stains from floor tiles. Our professional cleaning methods effectively eliminate stains, leaving your tiles spotless and refreshed. Whether it’s dirt, grime, or other stubborn marks, we have the expertise to clean and restore your floor tiles. Our tile and grout cleaning services also include removing built-up grime and ensuring your tiles look their best.
Do I receive a receipt?
  • Yes, a receipt is issued at the end of every completed job and is always on file if needed.

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