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Working with support organisations, service providers and families across Melbourne, we are proud to be a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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Can I claim carpet cleaning on NDIS?

The answer is yes. The NDIS provides funding for “reasonable and necessary” support for individuals with disability. If a participant cannot perform cleaning tasks due to their disability, the NDIS will allocate funds for a support worker or cleaner to do so instead. Cleaning is a core support service under “Assistance with Daily Living.” If an individual has funding in their plan’s core budget, they can use it to receive assistance with carpet cleaning.

Right Price NDIS Carpet Cleaning Services


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At Right Price Carpet Cleaning, we provide high-quality services and professionalism to diverse clients, including people with disability and older adults. We work closely with support organisations, service providers, and families to customise our carpet cleaning services according to each individual’s unique requirements.

Our priority is to assist NDIS members non-judgmentally and respectfully, making their lives easier by taking care of their cleaning tasks. We ensure our services are reasonably priced while maintaining the best results with your NDIS carpet cleaning service.


100% Satifaction Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we will reclean any areas or items to your satisfaction.

Our customers are very happy with our service

Reviews from customers speak for themselves. With all 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook we must be doing something right.

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We receive frequent recommendations from Support Coordinators and referrals from the NDIS, highlighting our credibility and expertise.

Why choose NDIS Carpet Cleaning?

Choosing Right Price Carpet Cleaning for your NDIS carpet cleaning needs in Melbourne ensures that you receive top-notch cleaning services tailored for NDIS participants. Our professional carpet cleaners specialise in carpet cleaning and steam cleaning to keep your home spotless. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of NDIS participants, we offer reliable and affordable carpet cleaning services. Our dedicated team in Melbourne provides exceptional service to ensure your carpets and rugs are thoroughly cleaned, enhancing the quality of life for all our clients.

Simple Pricing

We’ve made our pricing structure straightforward and clear, without hidden fees or confusing terms, so you can easily understand what you’re paying for.

NDIS Services- Same Prices

We consistently offer the same competitive and excellent rates for all our carpet cleaning services, including those covered by NDIS.

Book Online In 60 Seconds

Choose a service and receive an immediate price quote. Book your preferred time slot from the available options to confirm your booking.

How do I Book Your NDIS Carpet Cleaning Services?

Book Online

It only takes approximately 60 seconds. Enter the required information, such as the NDIS number and provider. Book the available time and date, and you’re done.


Call and speak to our experienced NDIS staff. They will be only too happy to answer your questions or book your job.


Do you have a question or need a free quote? Email us with any questions you may have, and a staff member will get back to you the same da

How do I Pay for Your Services With my NDIS Funding?


When self managed, we invoice you and you pay us directly.

Plan- Managed

When plan managed, we send the invoice to your plan manager.

NDIA- Managed

When NDIA managed, we will arrange to have the invoice paid through the NDIS Myplace Portal.

NDIS carpet cleaning services

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our carpet steam cleaning service employs the most effective deep cleaning method, using powerful truck-mounted machines that leave your carpets cleaner and drier.

Upholstery Cleaning

With our upholstery cleaning service, your couches and dining chairs can look as good as new. Our team utilizes the latest techniques to eliminate dirt, dust, and stains from your furniture.

Rug Cleaning

Our skilled rug cleaners can quickly restore your rugs to their original beauty. Whether you have wool rugs, Persian rugs, or oriental rugs, we are up to the task of cleaning them thoroughly.

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Asked Questions!

Will NDIS provide you with a house cleaner?
  • The NDIS may cover the cost of a house cleaner if it’s considered a necessary support due to the participant’s disability, meaning the service helps them live independently by addressing challenges directly related to their disability. However, the NDIS does not fund services that are deemed regular living expenses unrelated to disability needs. Approval for such services requires demonstrating that the cleaning support is essential for the participant’s independence and managing their disability, often supported by evidence or assessments from health professionals.
How much does NDIS pay for cleaning?
  • NDIS offers cleaning services in the “Assistance with Daily Life” category. To access these services, ensure your NDIS plan has allocated funds in the “Core” category for cleaning expenses. The NDIS has set specific rates for cleaning services to ensure participants are fairly charged. Rates for cleaning services are $55.03 per hour for personal domestic activities and $54.07 per hour for house cleaning and other household activities.
How does NDIS cleaning work?
Suppose you find cleaning or doing other housework difficult because of your disability. In that case, your NDIS package may fund NDIS cleaning support so that you can have a clean, comfortable home.NDIS cleaning services could include:
Sweeping and mopping the floors.
Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.
Changing the sheets on your bed.
Dusting and wiping down surfaces.
You can also receive support to do your laundry and even have your NDIS cleaner defrost your fridge should it be needed.
Will NDIS Pay for a vacuum cleaner
Unfortunately, the NDIS cannot fund vacuum cleaners. If a participant can’t vacuum due to their disability, the NDIS provides funds for a support worker to help with such tasks.
What doesn't the NDIS pay for?
The NDIS does not cover everyday living expenses that are not directly related to a person’s disability. This includes costs like groceries, phone bills, and services already provided by other government sectors like Medicare, Education and Centrelink.